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[title] 10 Things I’ve Always Wanted to do That I Haven’t Done (Yet)
[author] gimmick_game - Andii
[rating] PG-13 for hinted sexual situations and language.
[pairing] Hinted Ohmiya, hinted Aiba/Jun, hinted Sakumiya…oh fuck it. Hinted Arashi Orgy.
[warnings] Crack? Nino's fascination with Ohno's Ass? ^__^
[summary] As a project for their 10th Anniversary, Arashi are tasked by their managers to come up with several lists of ten things for publication in a magazine.
[notes] Originally, I tried my hand at several fics for four very awesome people who've had birthdays this year already. starsystems,honooko, vintage_belle and now nicefinalbeam, this is for you guys. ^__^ :3 Lord knows I'll never manage separate fics with my one challenge fic looming. Happy Belated Birthdays (except for Ferin, who's birthday is TOMORROW :p)!

Beta by the amazing inuhariko & still_ciircee.

Ninomiya's '10 Things' was sure to get them all fired.Collapse )
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Title: “Five Times Arashi Caused A Manager’s Breakdown and One Time the Managers Struck Back”
Pairing/Group: Arashi/Arashi (probably hints of Ohmiya because um…yea)
JeHols2008 Gift Fic for venus_aurea
Rating: PG-13 for Language
Warnings: Crack, utter crack.
Notes: Thanks to still_ciircee for the idea for this one. I had something else in mind completely, but that will be written at a later date seeing this worm needs an outlet before it eats my brain completely. Blame her.
Summary: Over ten years, the Arashi members have gone through more managers than they have awkward stages.

This is a cut, click itCollapse )
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01 January 2009 @ 03:02 pm
For my new friend Cyn (cynicalism). Just because I wanted to write het and people I've never written before. XD I know, I'm adventurous on the first day of 2009!

Title: Sweet Like Pie
Pairing: Masuda Takahisa/Horikita Maki
Prompt: Pumpkin
Rating: G
Words: 852

Sweet Like PieCollapse )
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16 December 2008 @ 11:27 pm
I just realized I haven't posted anything in a looooong time. So I'm posting some recent drabbles for your amusement. All done within 10-15 minutes or less. Thanks to anamuan for the first two pairings/prompts and ginzarhapsody for the last two pairings/prompts. heart1

Pairing: ryopi
Prompt: life under the glass
Rating: G

drabble 1Collapse )

Pairing: Jin/Shige
Prompt: madness, genius and poetry
Rating: PG-13 for swearing

drabble 2Collapse )

Pairing: Ryo/Ueda
Prompt: Surrender
Rating: PG-13

drabble 3Collapse )

Pairing: Koyama/Yamapi
Prompt: "White X'mas" (that is, the song)
Rating: G

drabble 4Collapse )
[title] Bump in the Night (2/?)
[author] Andii/gimmick_game
[Pairing/Fandom] Matsumiya/Arashi (developing into more later on)
[Genre] AU!Vampire
[Rating] R (For Sexual situations and Language)
[word count] 1,997
[Warnings] Vampire, Blood-play, Death (not character; later chapters)
[Disclaimer] Idea belongs to vintage_belle and I, but I take no claim on the character’s namesakes themselves. No monetary gain is being made off of this work of fiction. (Damn.)
[Author’s Note] Second installment. I was hoping to have this out before Halloween, but life likes to get in the way. >.>;; Anyway, onto the next. MANY MANY MANY thanks to vintage_belle for the beta on this one, seeing as I’m brain dead right now or something. XD;;

Chapter Two – Not As It SeemsCollapse )
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[title] Bump in the Night (1/?)
[author] Andii/gimmick_game
[Pairing/Fandom] Matsumiya/Arashi (developing into more later on)
[Genre] AU!Vampire
[Rating] PG-13 (WILL go up in later chapters)
[word count] 1,821
[Warnings] Vampire, Blood-play, Death (not character; later chapters)
[Disclaimer] Idea belongs to vintage_belle and I, but I take no claim on the character’s namesakes themselves. ‘Crazy Rainbow’ is property of Johnny’s & Associates/ Takki & Tsubasa. No monetary gain is being made off of this work of fiction. (Damn.)
[Author’s Note] Very, very, very huge thanks to vintage_belle for help with this. A lot of this is hers, I’m just the one putting it into fic form. XD;; To those reading It Don’t Mean a Thing (if it Ain’t Got That Swing), my apologies right now for the lack of updates. It’s stalled, to the point that I’m going to put it on hiatus until SOMETHING piques my interest in it again. This fic is a bit of a challenge for me as it’s breaking from my norms and I hope that helps get rid of the writer’s block I’ve been experiencing as of late. Quite a bit of it has been plotted out, and I have enough ideas/material to make this quite epic. It’s just the process of putting it all into something that isn’t just ideas and scribbles. XD;;

Chapter One – The Vampire and the Unwilling HostCollapse )
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07 October 2008 @ 05:11 pm
[title] abstinence or absinthe
[author] Andii gimmick_game
[group/pairing] Arashi/Hinted?Ohmiya
[genre] Humor
[word count] 271 (am I ever going to write anything of decent length again? *sobs*)
[rating] PG
[warnings] None.
[disclaimer] I don’t claim any rights of knowing these people personally. This is a work of fiction and no profits are being made off of it. Don’t sue. Not like I can afford it anyway.
[author’s note] Written for starsystems in exchange for a layout for the a_ra_shi community. I promised her porn, yet she gave me the prompt: ‘abstinence’. So I’m going to play with it a bit. :3 Sadly, despite my wishes…it did not turn to porn. *le sigh*
[summary] Ohno has an innocent question. Nino has a wicked answer.

“What is ‘abstinence’?”Collapse )
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17 August 2008 @ 09:01 pm
My fic muses have decided to grace me with their presence once more, so I bring you all a drabble dump from the other day. Un-beta'd.

Prompt: "Arashi at an amusement park! Bonus points for Aiba/Nino." for waxrose
Pairing: Sho/Nino/Aiba (hinted)
Rating: PG-13 for suggestiveness.

But Aiba, I don't want to ride the 'Nosebleed',Collapse )

Prompt: "nino's nefarious plan to take over the world, which involves cupcakes." for ryogrande
Pairing: Ohmiya
Rating: PG-13 for suggestiveness

The plan was ingeniously simply really. It began with cupcakes.Collapse )

Prompt: "Ryo emails Sho DESPERATE FOR HELP RE: NINO. And Sho is confused and encourages Ryo to accept Nino's clear signs of AFFECTION." for my dearest honooko
Pairing: Ryo/Nino, if you squint.
Rating: PG?

They're just love bites, Ryo.Collapse )

That's all for now, may write more during the stupid hurricane to keep myself busy.

x-posted to arashirabu
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Title: 20 Random Facts about Yamashita-Akanishi Gackt-chan Pink
Author: pearljemz
Rating: G
Word Count: 1692
A/N: I was reading some of the Harry Potter's 20 Random Facts Fest and wanted to do this for JE. My first thought on who to write it on was really Jin but I thought Gackt-chan would be the best one to be the first one. For mousapelli for letting me flail over Gackt-chan like mad all the time and musikologie for being my partner in crime in so many things and, hopefully, for many more. <3

20 Random Facts about Yamashita-Akanishi Gackt-chan PinkCollapse )
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All thanks to the lovely honooko, you can read it here.

This chapter was originally my birthday fic from her, but seeing as plot kind of sort of worked its way in, it is now chapter three. Enjoy and send her much love!

Chapter 4 should be done soon.
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